Counselling with a spiritual dimension
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What is meant by transpersonal healing?

Let's consider the words themselves:

trans means across, beyond and through. I believe in the importance of not just working with the persona and everyday life, but in journeying into the deeper part of your being; the heart, the soul (or higher self) and ultimately spirit. This can help you to better understand and cope with life's trials and problems and also to develop as a spiritual being.

personal means 'of the nature of a person'. I belive that life's journey is to discover (or remember) our true nature. If we can get in touch with 'who we are' we can become truly authentic in our lives and thus content and happy.

healing means to make whole and healthy; to cure; to restore to soundness. I believe that by integrating the personality with spirit, we can heal all sorts of psychological wounds, such as depression, low self esteem, sexual or relationship difficulties, anxiety, anger, insomnia, eating issues and addictions or just simply a feeling of being directionless or lost.

My therapeutic work recognises the spiritual, incorporating it into the work we do together, rather than putting it to the side, but I also make sure that we do not end up in the clouds. I also endeavour to keep the work grounded and practical and to help with everyday difficulties and issues. As part of my work I offer cognitive behavioural therapy to those who would like to work that way.

My workshops are designed to help growth, to help people to understand themselves and others better, to help ease sress and to transform through alchemy. I also offer workshops helping with low self esteem and anxiety.

I have a certificate and diploma in transpersonal counselling and psychotherapy and a Masters degree in transpersonal family, child and adolescent therapy. I also have a diploma in Sandplay Studies. I am a member of the management committee of the UKCP Faculty for the Psychological Health of Children. I am also Oxfordshire Mind's CBT group manager.

On this site we also provide news, views and dialogue about transpersonal subjects.

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Shaun Goodwin M.A. Dipl.
Psych. Dipl. Sand.
UKCP reg

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